- Kathy Inman, Executive Director, MomForce AZ

Kathy Inman is the Executive Director of MomForce AZ.  She has been an advocate for cannabis and other social issues since 2003.  As a woman raised with a respect for life, a mother who wants to keep kids safe, and an Arizonan for personal liberty and less government intrusion, she has taken her questions about cannabis to officials across the state. She understands there are many social issues of great importance, but believes not one of them has touched every aspect of our society the way cannabis prohibition has.

Who is the force behind MomForce AZ?

 America's Toughest Sheriff understands medical marijuana.

I have had the privilege of meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and we discussed the many benefits of cannabis (marijuana). He knows folks are using less  pharmaceuticals by trying this natural alternative for pain, as a sleep aid, and for many other ailments.

He supports medical marijuana, and he is glad people are getting healthy and feeling better, naturally.

The Sheriff joined us at our event in Sun City last October , and says cannabis should be used like any other medicine, with a prescription from your doctor.  We cannot thank him enough for joining us, and for his open, honest remarks about a substance and a subject that has long been prohibited.

Understanding Cannabis has been called

"the most meaningful class taken" by students 

 of Lifelong Learning at universities and institutions across Arizona. 

Contact Kathy Inman for a presentation or personal consultation at 

MomForceAZ@gmail.com   480-619-0302


While Proposition 205 did not pass, cannabis is winning across the country.

Here in Arizona, we have another chance.

Rep. Mark Cardenas is re-introducing his measure to legalize cannabis.

Please get in touch with your representative and tell them your story.

MomForce will be conducting some Lobby Training for those new to the process.

Check our event page for upcoming classes and group opportunities- or

get started on your own by scheduling an appointment with your representative Today.  

Our Lobbying 101 tipsheet can help you get started, and the Secretary of State can tell you more.


    Less Pills - Less Diversion - Less Overdoses


We can surely use your help to do what we do.

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